uberchain comes from a strong background of illustration and design with tenacity and enthusiasm - a zeal that contributes to her video editing, animation, and graphic design talents.


uberchain’s descent into madness came early around Meet the Medic as purely a TF2 character and lore fan. It finally developed beyond that around Scream Fortress 2012 when her PC evolved from a potato into a decently competent video gaming machine. Her experience with Source Filmmaker (arguably just as equally pleasant and frustrating) began shortly after inspiration from the 2012 Saxxy Awards. After recommendations from friends to try out the freeware program, she dabbled into poster renders, eventually testing the waters with animation a few months later.

Her competitive TF2 journey came about when a co-admin from a past community server recommended her to try out for an Iron Highlander team as Medic. Not only was the alternate take to TF2 refreshing and fairly enjoyable, but it garnered interest from her from a production standpoint - thus, she’s always wanted to do production and parodies for it since making her first Highlander team a sweet poster.

Today within the competitive TF2 scene, uberchain is well-known for doing promotional work for various casting organizations, tournaments, and other events along the likes of trailers, pre-cast smooths, graphics and promotional animations. She also likes to make non-competitive things within SFM, as well as write things on her stupid blog about over-analyzed thought processes and food.

Artist & Animator


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